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Covid 19


Clinical Pointers: COVID-19 in primary care (BMJ Learning)

Author. This e-learning module for GPs analyses and summarises key COVID-19 guidance for primary care. image.png

August 09, 2021

Vomiting in adults - red flag symptoms

Clinical article for GPs image.png

March 06, 2018

Where doctors cannot reach: tales from a British High Street

"The built and natural spaces embedded in our communities are the beating hearts of good health." image.png

September 20, 2016

Health apps and how to evaluate them: Review of the Public Health England 2016 conference, part two

In this BMJ blog I share my insights and opinions on health apps and technology to improve health. image.png

August 03, 2022



Clinical article for patients image.png

July 19, 2021

Red flag symptoms: tired all the time


Clinical article for GPs image.png

December 07, 2017

Integration of Health and Social Care in England: Integrated care ‘pilots’ and their evaluation.

Repeatedly trying to do the wrong thing right?

World Health Summit copyright Suchita Shah

October 02, 2014

Malaria in the Little Novels of Sicily and why we need literature in medicine


What if literature goes beyond merely infusing empathy into medical veins, or providing wider social commentary or interpretive tools, and actually actively contributes to shaping medicine? image.png

July 14, 2022

Gilbert's Syndrome

Clinical article for professionals

BMJ Best Practice logo.jpg

April 23, 2020

BMJ Best Practice Podcast: GP Workload prioritisation during COVID-19

Hear me talk about the latest guidelines on COVID-19. image.png

September 19, 2016

Using behavioural science and digital technology to “nudge”: Review of the Public Health England 2016 conference, part one 

Nudge: the influence of “choice architecture” on health behaviours.

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