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I'm a huge fan of theatre, film, concerts, and the Arts in general. Below you will find a selection of reviews I have written for Daily Info, a fantastic local guide to Oxford. These include several write-ups of events at Oxford's famous literary festival. For the full list, click here. If you would like me to write an independent and unbiased review for your publication, please feel free to contact me.


In Praise of Hands

Naoko Matsubara, Penny Boxall

In this book celebrating the human hand, a woodcut artist and a poet create a rich, deep synergy.


Human hands tell so much, and in doing so instil in the observer a feeling of wonder and awe.


In Between (15) 

Phoenix Picturehouse

With this terrific debut telling the story of three Israeli-Palestinian women living in Tel Aviv, director Maysaloun Hamoud has created something entertaining, vibrant, heartbreaking, and most worthy of our attention.


George Monbiot & Ewan McLennan, North Wall Arts

The theme is loneliness. The vehicle: a Guardian columnist and a folk musician. The sound bite, "we stand together or we fall apart." If you like the sound of this, read on.



Produced by Ellen Kent

New Theatre, Oxford

If Carmen were a cigar, it would be the equivalent of a full-bodied Cuban, but tonight we were offered an own brand that appeared to have been produced somewhere in the Home Counties. 


Shooting with Light

Idle Motion

North Wall Arts Centre

A montage of sympathetic storytelling, shape-shifting choreography and stunning design tells the forgotten true story of female war photographer Gerda Taro.


Wit, by Margaret Edson

Oxford Theatre Guild

North Wall Arts Centre

The message of the play is clear: in the face of death, disease and disability, humanity, compassion and kindness can touch the human spirit in a way that rational analysis cannot.


The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk

Oxford Playhouse

'My knowing you has already seeped backwards as well as forwards in time so my whole life is pervaded with the colour of loving you.' 

The story of Bella and Marc Chagall, as told by Kneehigh theatre company.


The Leading Ladies

Waterperry Opera Festival

Like a chronologically tipsy West Egg party, we had Cole Porter mingling with Offenbach, Gershwin clinking glasses with Delibes, Bizet hitting the dance floor, and Rossini’s cats stealing the limelight. Absolutely the right kind of eclectic.


City Stories: a selection of plays about love

A little too much syrup and navel-gazing for me. I would have liked an exploration of other types of love, not just romantic love. But if you can get over – or even like - this, then you will be as thrilled with the second half as I was with the first.


King Lear

Creation Theatre Company

Blackwell's bookshop

Fruitful and delightful, combining inventiveness with a quirky venue to create yet another quality performance.


Alice in Wonderland

Magdalen College School

Oxford Playhouse

I've never seen a thumb-operated flamingo before, nor a school production with its own milliner, who produced headpieces that should probably have a show of their own. 


Just a Minute (Radio 4) 

Oxford Literary Festival 2018

Is it possible to type a review of the acclaimed Radio 4 panel game Just A Minute in sixty seconds without hesitation repetition or deviation and also make it funny I do not know but I’ll give it a go because.... argh: hesitation! 


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, nephew of the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, is a Pakistani musician of Qawwali (Sufi devotional music), ghazal and other light Indian classical music. 


Winter is Coming: Garry Kasparov on Vladimir Putin, Oxford Literary Festival 2016

A privilege to hear an important voice of the Russian zeitgeist, who shared with us his hopes, frustrations, and love for his country in a profoundly human way.


Swinging at the Cotton Club

The Jiving Lindy Hoppers

New Theatre, Oxford

Flappers flapping, shoes slow-shuffling, all of them earthy, yet electrifying. There it was, the essence of Harlem swing, distilled and ready to drink.


A Bird is not a Stone: Palestinian poetry translated

Story Museum

When you cannot speak openly, figurative speech is essential. It becomes the spine of your poetry, each vertebra a metaphor; a political tool for the oppressed.

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